In Development

A Foundry Theatre Book

An Evolution of Questions


The Foundry is at work on a book — a kind of rigorous, wondering-out-loud, connect-the-dots look at the evolution of the inquiry we followed for the last 24 years, and the world(s) in which we were formulating questions.  How it was proposed by What we did, When we did it, How and Why, in our theatre, dialogues, community engagements, and organizational ethos. And where we got to – are – within the continuum of such inquiry.

Many people will write the Foundry book.  Artists, social justice practitioners, historians, grassroots community members, audience members and indescribables, with various relationships to the Foundry, will bring their own wondering into the mix. Stay tuned: we’re just getting started.

Finally, as with any Foundry production, we look to the form (layout) of the book to be as content-rich as the words it holds; so individual readers might connect the dots for themselves, particularly anyone who might recognize their own evolving inquiry therein.  And dare we hope… perhaps sharing what we did and where we got to… may be useful or provocative to future visions in theatre and social justice practice?