In Development

A Moment on the Clock of the World

A Foundry Theatre book


The Foundry is at work on a book— a kind of rigorous, wondering-out-loud, connect-the-dots look at the evolution of the inquiry the company has followed over the last 24 years, and the world(s) in which our questions arose.  The book locates itself within an ecology— a continuum— of inquiry around how we make the world, and who we are in so doing.

Many people will write this Foundry book.  Artists, social justice practitioners, journalists, historians, philosophers, audience members and indescribables will write about their own paths of inquiry, traveled alongside The Foundry, perhaps making a stop with the company here or there to exchange notes.

The title recalls legendary social activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs’ legendary—and, for some, incendiary—call for a new kind of activism: “Now is the time on the clock of the world to grow our souls.”

As with any Foundry production, its form (layout) will be as content-rich as the words it holds. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the celebrated Everything Studio on a design by which individual readers may connect the dots for themselves, particularly anyone who might recognize their own evolving inquiry therein.  And dare we hope, perhaps sharing what we did and where we got to may be useful or provocative to future visions in theatre and social justice practice, and the world(s) in which they are and will be situated.