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The Foundry Theatre
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777 - 1444

Foundry Office Hours: Mondays & Fridays

A research retrospective


October 2016 - April 2017


The Foundry Office 140-142 Second Ave. Ste 405
We're working on a big project in our little office.  We're screening every Foundry production, dialogue, and community program in chronological order until we're done. Come join us for any of these, office hours are open and we'd love to share this with you. 

Connected Ideas

Mondays at 630;  Fridays at 4:30.   Reservations are (spatially) necessary.  First clicked, first served.

The Foundry office // 140-142 Second Ave. Ste 405 NYC (@ 9th St.)
Our office is a 3rd fl walk up (no elevator)


2016 Schedule (1994-2004)  Click on event name for reservation page.
Foundry Productions will be screened in full; Dialogues & Community Programs will be excerpted

Tuesday, October 18th, 6:30PM                           The Convention of Cartography
1994, Foundry Production
Friday, October 21st, 4:30PM                               Deviant Craft
1995, Foundry Production
Monday, October 24th, 6:30PM                            Hot Mouth
1996 & 1997, Foundry Production
Monday, October 31st, 6:30PM                             A Conversation on Hope, Part 1 of 2
1998, Foundry Dialogues
Friday, November 4th, 4:30PM                             The Race of The Ark Tattoo
1998, Foundry Production
Monday, November 14th, 6:30PM                        A Conversation on Hope, Part 2 of 2
1998, Foundry Dialogues
Friday, November 18th, 4:30PM                           Gertrude and Alice,
1999, Foundry Production
Monday, November 21st, 6:30PM                         The Legacies Series
1996-1999, Foundry Community Program
Monday, November 28th, 6:30PM                        And God Created Great Whales
2000, Foundry Production
Friday, December 2nd, 4:30PM                            Never Again: A Town Meeting on Genocide
2000, Foundry Dialogues
Monday, December 5th, 6:30PM                          Lipstick Traces
2001, Foundry Production
Friday, December 9th, 4:30PM                             Money Talks & Patriot fActs (pre & post 911)
2001 & 2003, Foundry Dialogues
Monday, December 12th, 6:30PM                        Talk
2002, Foundry Production
Friday, December 16th, 4:30PM                           The Roaring Girle
2003, Foundry Production
Monday, December 19th, 6:30PM                        K.I. From Crime
2004, Foundry Production

February – April schedule:  TBA


Why are we doing this?
We’ve been thinking for a while now about a Foundry book, about its form and content, who might want to read it and why, and would make it a ‘Foundry book’.  While we’ve written a lot about our work and the company’s mission over the years; much of that language was created concurrently with a particular project or period in the company’s history; and was primarily written to invite our funders, the press or audiences to engage with the work.  We want to step aside from those inscribed meanings and encounter the work anew, now, and apart from the exigencies of production.  So we’ve given ourselves this project:  to watch every show, dialogue and community program in chronological order until we’re done (in April); as a way to trace the evolution of the company, in particular the evolution of its inquiry as it arose both within and between our various projects.  And to let these encounters inform what a Foundry book will be.  Either way, it’s a kind of privilege to “come” to all these events as audience members and watch The Foundry unfold itself.  You are so warmly welcome to come share any part of this with us.