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The Foundry Theatre
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003
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The Public Theater, NYC
Out of the age of McCarthy and the Beat poets, Rux has created controversial African-American artist Archer Aymes, who became an overnight sensation for his first book, “Mother and Son.” Ten turbulent years later, he was found dead in a prison cell. In TALK, Rux gathers five panelists to discuss Aymes life and work and the meaning of his legacy. Commissioned in response to The Foundry’s “Conference on Hope,” Talk is a fierce exploration of identity and the struggle to maintain an original voice, from an artist The New York Times called “One of 30 Artists Under 30 Most Likely to Influence Culture for Another 30 Years.”

Connected Ideas

There comes a time in your life, when you discover an emptiness. You have no thought of yourself as empty. You have no thought of yourself as empty and you have been operating as if you were not. But a day comes when you are made aware of it – your emptiness – and you yearn to be full. The pain of discovering this emptiness is unequaled by anything, except the pain of this yearning to be full. That is when you begin, for the first time in your life – for the first time with you life – to search for a language. A tongue. A voice. A means of articulation…

– Excerpt from TALK

Written by  Carl Hancock Rux
Directed by Marion McClinton

Featuring Anthony Mackie, Reg E. Cathey, James Himelsbach, Karen Kandel, John Seitz, Maria Tucci

Set Design James Noone 
Costume Design Toni-Leslie James
Lighting Design James L. Vermeulen
Sound Design Tim Schellenbaum
Film by Marilys Ernst
Dramaturg Jocelyn Clark
Production Stage Manager Scott Pegg

Winner of two OBIE awards: Ensemble Performance & Film/Video Design

The most ambitious play in years. Talk wins the case for a renewed theatre of ideas.

Original, provocative, and entertaining… One of the best evenings this season.