The Foundry Theatre is taking a PAUSE for this year — no shows, dialogues or community projects — to REFLECT on what we’ve done over the past 24 years, and to consider what The Foundry might be(come) NEXT. 
Reflection   building our complete ARCHIVE,  most of which is now hosted on the Work Page of this website (more to come)  +  creating a BOOK about the evolution of the company’s inquiry.  Since these will be Foundry ‘productions’, their form and content will be created by many people, who continue to widen the frame of what The Foundry has been and might yet be. We whole-heartedly invite you to be one of a glorious Many.



The Foundry Theatre has opportunities for internships year round. Interns may work on a specific projects – production, dialogues. community programs and/or in the Foundry office.  If you are interested in interning with The Foundry,  please email a resume and cover letter to:


The Foundry is strongly committed to equal opportunity and diversity in all areas.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently not hiring, but please check back if and when you may be seeking employment with the company.