No Black Male Show


Carl Hancock Rux, incendiary poet, dramatist and musician explodes the disciplines of theatre, poetry, music and dance with an artistic vision as brave and wildly powerful as his voice. Rux conceived this piece in response to the Whitney Museum’s controversial 1994 Black Male exhibition. No Black Male Show investigates social stereotypes and racist sociological studies through Rux’s revolutionary mix of fearless text, incredible music and ferocious performance.

Written & Performed By
Carl Hancock Rux
Directed By
Talvin Wilks

2001: Joe’s Pub, NYC
2001: On Tour



Written & Performed by Carl Hancock Ru
Directed By Talvin Wilks

Performed by
Carl Hancock Rux
Helga Davis
Valerie Winbourne
Jason Finkleman

Stage Manager:  Aimee Schneider  
Production manager:  Dave Overcamp



“…A gifted poet who offers up vibrant imagery like a street corner preacher.”
– The New York Times

“Rux’s use of language is dazzling, voraciously open to the world… Rux is a cultural maelstrom.”  
Village Voice



September, 2001:

Duke University Institute of the Arts
Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)

Cancelled due to 9/11:

Dublin Fringe Festival 
Trinity College Dublin