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United States Social Forum Delegation

8 Artists at the 2010 US Social Forum


Continuing to explore artists’ participation in the global Social Form process, The Foundry organized a national delegation of 7 artists to attend the 2nd edition of the US Social Forum, that was held in Detroit. In keeping with the World Social Forum’s process, the USSF provides an open space for social movement analysis, popular and political education, convergence, and strategic discussion and imaginative approaches to building a more democratic and just United States. The Foundry is committed to actively participating in this progressive discourse, seeking to build a newly oriented relevancy for art and artists in the fabric of our future.


June 2010 :  Detroit, MI


The Delegation


Jorge Cortinas

Marcus Gardley

Ain Gordon

Melanie Joseph

Casey Llewellyn

Carl Hancock Rux

Lucy Thurber

Alice Tuan




… while we absorbed the ideologies being debated in the US Social Forum, we found ourselves unexpectedly obsessing over the revolutionary landscape [of Detroit] outside the convention doors. We organized a tour through the vast, silent, wreckage of shuttered auto factories (cities in themselves). We found, out there, manifest, the physical history of all the inequities the thinkers inside the Social Forum were striving to alter. 

Ain Gordon  Full Transcript



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Alice Tuan




A Landmark Conversation:  one of the best events from the USSF