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The Foundry Theatre
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Audience Ambassadors


2011 — Present


Multiple Venues
The Foundry’s Audience Ambassadors program aims to build access to NYC theatre for low-income communities – many of whom have rarely if ever attended theatre before.  Each year we stipend community organizers to gather groups from their respective neighborhoods and networks to attend plays at various theatres across the city.  We procure free tickets and pair each group with artists for a discussion afterwards over a modest meal.  The program also provides orientation to NYC theater ecology:  what theatres are where and what kinds of work they produce, and other avenues of access — “insider” strategies to obtain free or low cost tickets such as volunteer ushering, Audience Extras etc.  It’s a simple program with a radical idea: to build audiences for NYC theatre that include all of us who live here.

Connected Ideas


Samara Gaev – Truthworker Theatre Company
Tracee Brown – Ali Forney Center
Elizabeth Mirarchi – College and Community Fellowship’s Theater for Social Change
Beatrice Anderson – Awake Youth Project


Truthworker and Ali Forney Center at SoHo Rep.

Our Ambassador groups with FUTURITY cast & creatives!

Members of Truthworker and Ali Forney Center catch up over pre-show pizza

Fantastic FUTURITY


Truthworker at The Public Theater.

And at the talkback with Lupita!




Members of Ali Forney Center and Truthworker at Labyrinth Theater Company.



Community Voices Heard and other Ambassador regulars with the cast of The Golden Drum Year at University Settlement.




We started off the Fall 2015 season with a laugh – Truthworker Theatre Company at The Public Theater to see Barbecue.

And got to meet the cast!



Some responses from Audience Ambassadors at Good Person of Szechwan at The Public Theater.

What I got from the entire play was what’s going on today: the homelessness. Those who had jobs and no longer have jobs. The way we’re surviving in New York in a capitalist state. If you don’t work for your pay, you don’t eat, and even if you’re broken down, you have to find a way to make it. The choice is one or the other: you work to eat, or you just don’t eat.


It’s difficult to live in this world. In the way that it is, in the condition that it is, and in the way in which we have to maneuver through these incredibly stupid systems.


The play challenged each person in the audience by saying: how are you going to respond? That was the brilliance of the entire piece. That at each point those social issues were being raised, and so the consciousness of society was raised.

Thank You

We want to give a big shout-out to the following theatres who have generously provided tickets and meeting spaces for our conversations afterwards: Clubbed Thumb, Here Arts Center, La MaMa, LCT3 @ Lincoln Center, New York, Theatre Workshop, Ping Chong & Co, The Public Theater, The Roundabout Theatre, The Signature Theatre, Soho Rep, EST, Recent Responses, Playwrights Horizons.