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The Box

A Black Comedy


April - May 2014


The Irondale Center, Brooklyn NY
In this raucous, satirical fable, an ensemble of 5 actors performs a host of characters across generations of captivity and freedom dreams. While music, dance and absurdities abound, at the center are the characters of Deadlust and Icarus – a father and son who lose each other in the American labyrinth of policing and prisons. With over 7,000,000 people currently living under correctional supervision in the US, award-winning playwright Marcus Gardley takes aim at one of the most troubling afflictions of our times with provocative theatrical wit.

Connected Ideas

From the Playwright – Marcus Gardley

“I am fascinated with the untold or the forgotten story.  I am a playwright, a poet and a gravedigger and I am passionate about digging up the stories that get buried under our shoes. With the murder of Oscar Grant by an Oakland cop, I felt determined to create something for my hometown and my country. These feelings were made even more real when I was interrogated by the police on my way home from a play in Berkeley, California. I was harassed because apparently I fit the description of a serial rapist in the area and they had a hard time believing that I was just an artist doing work in the community about race relations and history. Since that time, I have been obsessed with telling the national story of the complex relationship that law enforcement has in our communities.”


Rage and delight are strangely intermixed in Marcus Gardley‘s myth-infused indictment of our mushrooming prison industry, and the cocktail can make you dizzy… You’ll clap yourself silly at the end.

The Box is exuberant, at times almost joyful, and wickedly funny.

Every so often a piece of theater draws directly upon this collective reservoir – drawing out symbols and metaphors that translate the unconscious storehouse of memory into visible, palpable form. Marcus Gardley brilliantly gives form to Twain’s notion of a rhyming history in his new play The Box: A Black Comedy.


Full Credits

Written By

Marcus Gardley

Directed By

Seth Bockley


Andres Munar
Leon Addison Brown
Sheldon Best
Mikeah Ernest Jennings


Camille A. Brown


Imani Uzuri

Set Design

Mimi Lien

Costume Design

Gabriel Berry

Lighting Design

Scott Bolman

Sound Design

Stowe Nelson

Props Design

Raphael Mishier

Production Manager

Nathan Lemoine

Stage Manager

Sunny Stapleton

Assistant Stage Manager

Lily Perlmutter