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The Foundry Theatre
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New York, NY 10003
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Lipstick Traces

A Secret History of the 20th Century


Ohio Theater, NYC
Lipstick Traces is a free-wheeling and explosive alternative history of the 20th century, filtered through the punk movement and other provocative cultural phenomena of the century. Greil Marcus’ book has been widely acclaimed as not only an unparalleled celebration of the milestone of punk rock, but as one of the great commentaries on 20th century contemporary culture. In the Rude Mechs’ theatrical adaptation, British pop impresario Malcolm McLaren joins forces with a tenacious, if somewhat manic, Dr. Narrator, to revisit those movements in culture that raised no monuments – movements that barely left a trace. Johnny Rotten’s first audition for the Sex Pistols, a dada evening at the Cabaret Voltaire, and Michel Mourre’s 1950 siege on Notre-Dame are just a few of the spectacles visited along the way.

Connected Ideas

Conceived and Directed by Shawn Sides
Adapted from Greil Marcus’ eponymous book
Adapted by  Kirk Lynn
Created by The Rude Mechs
Featuring David Greenspan, Lana Lesley, Jason Liebrecht, Ean Sheehy, T. Ryder Smith, James Urbaniak
Lighting Design Heather Carson
Sound Design Darron L West
Set Design Jim Larkin
Costume Design Rachel Carr
Production Stage Manager Sarah Richardson

A visceral charge of liberating anarchy.

A witty, rip-roaring, mad 75 minutes of theater.

Los Angeles, CA @ UCLA LIVE

Wexner Center @ Ohio State University
Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis
Legion Arts Center, Cedar Rapids IA
Diverse Works, Houston TX