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The Foundry Theatre
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777 - 1444

The Race of the Ark Tattoo


PS 122
Part shopping trip, part haunting, all play, The Race of the Ark Tattoo takes place inside a working flea market run by Mr. P. Foster, who is selling the artifacts of his deceased foster father, Mr. Homer Phinney. Audiences shop the flea market at the beginning (and end) of the play, discovering that each object in the flea market offers its own story. Each performance is different, as the stories to be told that night will be determined by the audience’s selection of objects from Mr. Phinney’s salvaged “story ark.” As the stories unfold, the audience discovers that this flea market is, in effect, a mausoleum – a repository for the memories of Foster’s mysterious life within the relics of his father’s.

Connected Ideas

Written by W. David Hancock
Directed by Melanie Joseph

Performed by Matthew Maher

Set Design Consultant  Edward Jefferson
Production Stage Manager  Keith Anthony Jones


… a terrific concoction that calls up searing fear and pity.

Nothing quite like it has appeared before on the American stage; to fully honor its originality means entering the theater knowing no more than you should go.

Winner of 2 OBIE Awards:

Best Playwriting & Best Performance