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The Foundry Theatre
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777 - 1444



Veselka Restaurant, NYC

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Etiquette is a play performed in a public space by two people who are both performers and audience. The Foundry’s production is “staged” at a table in a working restaurant, where two people sit across from each other and follow a recorded script, complete with stage directions, that take them through a half-hour play in which they assume the characters of a philosopher and a young girl. Their conversation takes many situations – some borrowed from film and theater — where the ‘bubble’ shared between them breaks and reforms over and over and audience and performer positions are imperceptibly assumed and exchanged. Etiquette exposes human communication at its rawest and most delicate.

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Performed every half hour by the participants twenty-four hours a day across one month at a table in the historic East Village restaurant, Veselka in New York City.
Rotozaza, whose core members include Anthony Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali, has quietly established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s most surprising and innovative performance groups. From their early site-specific work in Milan and Paris through to a more recent focus on unrehearsed “guest” performers, their two aims have always been the same: to identify and celebrate what can only be done live, and to foster international links through an exciting practice, which isn’t afraid to operate in foreign languages and cultures. Their work is as challenging as it is humorous and often marked by theatrical revelations that transform an audience’s perspective on the events they witness.


Etiquette makes the point, quite creatively, that every conversation is a performance.

Etiquette‘s dramatic effect is truly singular: after the initial public-speaking jitters, audience and actors become one, and a very personal performance emerges.