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The Foundry Theatre
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777 - 1444

The Convention of Cartography


Performed in a small house in the middle of a courtyard on W. 17th St

Directed by

The Convention of Cartography is a traveling exhibit featuring the collected works of an itinerant, now deceased folk artist named Mike. The event begins with a presentation by the exhibit’s curator, who speaks of his travels with Mike as a young boy. Since Mike’s death, he and his wife have been retracing Mike’s travels across America to find and retrieve the art objects he left behind in diners, gas stations, highway rest areas and underpasses, union halls, peoples’ attics, etc. The curator shares videoed interviews with Mike, which he conducted over Mike's final days in a cancer hospice. The audience is then invited into another room where all the works that have been collected thus far have been installed. As people explore this museum, interacting with Mike’s artworks, the maps of his travels, and with one another, a narrative begins to emerge — a haunting enigma about the nature of truth, art, and the unknowable of those we love.

Connected Ideas

Written by  W. David Hancock
Directed by 
Melanie Joseph
Featuring W. David Hancock, Nancy Hanway, Dennis Baumwell


From the tactile to the analytical … a precious feast for all the senses.

One of the most arresting pieces I’ve seen … a tantalizing new wrinkle in
the art of participation.


Drama Desk nominee for “Most Original Theatrical Experience”